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Stray cat gives birth to kittens in man’s home

Black and white tuxedo cat lies on top of man cat-wow
© Paris Zarcilla - Twitter

Why a stray queen cat chose his flat for her nursery matters little to Paris Zarcilla, who claims cat ‘midwifery’ has changed his life forever.  

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 05/03/2019, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

It promised to be another busy day for the London-based film producer, but as he lay in bed Mr Zarcilla sensed he was not alone. Hearing noises from underneath him he peered beneath his bed and was shocked to find a large cat guarding some obviously new-born kittens.  

Am I dad now?’ Zarcilla asked himself, according to LoveMeow

Rather than hand them over to a shelter straight away, Zarcilla considered the notion that the cat had chosen his flat for a reason. In any case, when he did call a shelter for help he was advised to keep the queen and her kittens together.

Zarcilla's fatherly duties

Zarcilla opted to honour the cat’s choice of maternity ward and vowed to look after her and her kittens. 

Any work commitments I have are now temporarily on hold,’ he warned his followers on Twitter.

Zarcilla set about making his place as comfortable and as safe for the litter as possible; he also researched what foods were best for mum. As time passed, his love of surrogate fathering grew, and he knew he would not be able to easily give them up. 

I may have learnt more about myself in the past 4 weeks than I have in the past 4 years,’ he wrote.

Before becoming hopelessly attached to the cats Zarcilla knew he must take mum – whom he now called ‘Forever’ – to a local vet in order to find out whether she was microchipped. Fortunately for Zarcilla, no chip was found. 

No one has come forward to claim her,’ he said on Twitter. ‘So I will.’

If you discover a homeless cat or dog you should ask your local vet to check whether or not it is microchipped. If a chip is present it is your responsibility to arrange the return of the animal to its owner.