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This tuxedo kitten was so weak, she could barely even stand

Tuxedo kitten was covered in dirt and could barely stand cat-happy
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A tiny tuxedo kitten was covered in dirt and could barely stand. She was fading away by the minute, but this rescue group wouldn’t let her leave without a fight.

By Alice Lang

Published on the 04/03/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

Rescue group Little Wanderers, a 100% volunteer organisation in New York City, was informed about a 5-week old kitten who was in truly bad shape.

The kitten was so weak, she could barely stand up

When they arrived at the rescue, the poor kitty didn’t have enough strength to move. Her condition was getting worse by the second, but the volunteers knew they had to do all they could to help her.

They worked around the clock

The black-and-white baby was admitted to ICU isolation at a local animal medical centre. The team worked through the night, keeping a watchful eye over her condition - they were determined to save her.

And guess what? The kitten, who they named Victoria, woke up the next morning and ate a full meal. Nobody expected her to recover that quickly - but she gulped it down without a care in the world!

Soon after, she’d truly bounced back - she even wanted to play!

Victoria has defied the odds

Considering her critical condition, no one could believe Victoria’s progress. She quickly gained weight and just a week later, she was ready to head to a foster home. What an amazing recovery!

"Victoria is a little miracle. She is bouncing back wonderfully, and she is getting stronger every minute," Nicole Rodriguez, foster mom, said to Love Meow.

"She eats like a tiger, sleeps well, and attacks all fingers and toes."

"We let her out of her (foster) room for her to explore, and she bounces all over each room and hides behind corners when she sees us coming. A true hunter!

We're so happy to see that Victoria is happy, healthy and being cared for by an amazing foster Mum. Good job, Little Wanderers!