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This orphaned, malnourished, newborn kitten is a true warrior!

Tiny newborn kitten found on the streets makes a full recovery cat-happy
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This kitten was tiny, lonely and needed a Mum… but she was nowhere to be found. After suffering alone in the cold with no food or shelter, would he be able to make it through?

By Alice Lang

Published on the 04/03/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

The kitten was freezing cold

Alley Cat Rescue, an incredible cat shelter in Los Angeles, received a call about a male kitten who urgently needed their care. He was only a few days old with no Mother or littermates in sight.

"It's been freezing cold, and he was found on the streets of the valley in Los Angeles," Desiree, who works at Alley Cat Rescue, told Love Meow.

The kitten was completely malnourished and covered, head to toe, in fleas. Thankfully, Desiree decided to take him on and give him round-the-clock care. After a gentle, warm bath and some kitten formula, he (amazingly) started to recover. What a fighter!

She named him ButterBean

The brave little kitty was soon chomping down every meal and slowly began to gain strength. He quickly grew close to his foster Mum and, now, wants constant cuddles.
"He loves having you near him. He has an amazing will to live," Desiree said.

Incredibly, ButterBean has managed to triple his weight in just one week and has even started meowing.
"He became vocal over the past few days and started purring this Friday."

And now he’s thriving

Now he’s safe, warm and gaining strength by the minute, ButterBean is starting to develop a real personality. He constantly wants attention, meows whenever he’s fed and purrs right after eating - he truly adores mealtime!

He’s still got a long way to go, but we’re happy to say that it looks like ButterBean, a true warrior, will make a full recovery and grow into a healthy, adult kitty. Check out some adorable videos of ButterBean enjoying a meal below - he's super cute! 

Thank you to Alley Cat Rescue and Desiree for all your amazing work - you're real heroes.


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