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Parents didn't trust their son to look after their dog... but they NEVER expected this to happen

Parents didn't trust their son with their dog, so he filmed a hilarious video dog-happy
© @GarrettJohns0n_ Twitter

This guy’s Mum and Dad didn’t trust him to look after the family dog while they went away, so he filmed this amazing video to prove them wrong.

By Alice Lang , 3 Mar 2019

If you went away on holiday and left your son or daughter with your pet, would you be worried? Teenager Garrett Johnson’s parents certainly were! 

They couldn’t stop worrying

Before sailing away on their cruise, they couldn’t help but constantly ask Garrett whether he was capable of looking after little Oscar. In fact, it was the last thing they said whilst walking out the door!

But Gareth had a trick up his sleeve

It turns out, Oscar was in very good care - but Garrett wanted to prove it. He decided to get creative and make a hilarious video about his and Oscar’s wonderful time together.

"Oscar is the funniest dog I know," Garrett said to The Dodo.

Garrett sent it to his parents who were sunning it up on holiday and they loved it - their worries about Oscar and Garrett were no more!

"She thought it was super funny and said she cried laughing," Garrett said.

And now they’re Twitter famous!

Gareth decided to upload the hilarious skit to Twitter, and it’s now been viewed thousands of times. 

"It's blown me away," he said. "I only had 70 followers, so I was just posting it for my friends. This is unreal.”

Watch the amazing video of the dynamic duo, Oscar and Garrett, below. All we can say is, it looks like they’re having way more fun than they’d have had on a cruise (sorry, Mum and Dad!).