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Video of a police officer who rescued a dog from frozen canal

Officer saves dog from freezing canal dog-sad
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A brave police officer risked his life to pull a dog out of a frozen canal.

By Ashley Murphy , 2 Mar 2019

Sgt Travis Gray of the Ogden Police Force, New York, responded to a call about a dog that had fallen through ice above a local canal.

And as soon as he arrived on the scene, Sgt Travis realised that immediate action was required. Speaking to Fox News,  the officer said, "I walked up on the canal path that runs along it and could see the dog down in the water. I called for the fire department but could tell this dog didn't have too much left in it, so I decided to see if I could grab it."

A dramatic rescue

Footage from the officer's body camera shows a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix up to its neck in the freezing water. Sgt Gray then inches across the ice before pulling the pup to safety.

The entire rescue lasted around two minutes, but animal welfare officers believe the dog could have been in the water for as long 15-20 minutes.

The rescue footage was shared on the Ogden Police Departments social media pages and quickly received over a 1,000 likes from members of the public.

Animal welfare officers treated the dog for hypothermia before handing it over to the Ogden animal control department. The lucky pup was reunited with its owners the next day.

Let the professionals do their job

Unfortunately, instances like this are not rare. In January this year, Derbyshire Firefighters used a boat to try and rescue a small dog that had fallen through ice over a frozen pond.

Despite their best efforts, the dog died from exposure to the freezing temperatures.

Although any owner would be tempted to go in after their pets, they should always wait for the emergency services.

Fire Station Manager Paul Green told the BBC, “This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder….If a dog or any other animal does fall through the ice, owners should resist the urge to enter the water to try and save the animal, as this could lead to the owner themselves requiring an emergency rescue."