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Dog waited patiently for help on side of the road after being dumped in a Pink Doghouse

Abandoned dog waits patiently for help after being dumped in a pink doghouse dog-sad
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Abandoned dog dumped with his doghouse on the side of a road waits patiently for someone to come to his rescue. 

By Dawn Parrish , 2 Mar 2019

Passers-by spotted the bright pink doghouse thrown into the ditch as they drove along the road. However, what they didn’t expect was to find an abandoned dog tied to the kennel with his dog leash.

Dog abandoned in a remote location

There wasn’t much passing traffic along the remote location, in the Californian countryside. However, it was one dog’s lucky day, when a person driving by stopped to inspect the pink doghouse. The concerned citizen certainly didn’t expect to find a nervous dog, huddling inside the kennel, just waiting patiently for someone to come to his rescue. Normally, a canine in this situation would howl or bark to raise attention.

Lonely dog taken to animal shelter

The poor pooch was taken to the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, where medical staff gave her the once over. The dog was around 9 years old, and they were able to trace her details from the pet register. The dog was named Pebbles, but unfortunately she had been given up by her previous owner, when he became homeless and could no longer care for the brindle dog. The abandoned dog, Pebbles, who is the cutest dog ever, with very soulful eyes, is now looking for her forever home.

Cruel dog owner charged with abandonment

It appears, through checks made from the dog’s microchip that after the dog was given up by the homeless man he was taken in by Ruben Guerrero, who lives in Watsonville. A police officer, Padilla, traced the dog’s latest owner and he admitted that he had actually abandoned Pebbles on the side of the road, together with his pink doghouse. Guerrero has been cited with animal cruelty and abandonment.

Abandoning any animal is a crime, not to mention that it can cause the animal unnecessary suffering. If any person is struggling to care for a pet, contact a local animal shelter for help and advice.


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