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Owners put up sign after complaints about husky being "left out" in the cold

This husky was OK with the cold dog-wow
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A dog-loving couple were forced to erect a sign after neighbours reported concerns about a husky being left out in the snow.

By Ashley Murphy , 1 Mar 2019

Residents of Charlottetown, Canada, would often see "Riley" playing outside in temperatures as low as -11c.

This led to some well-meaning, but slightly misguided, complaints to the local humane society.

Our dog is fine!

Frustrated by the number of complaints and the unwanted attention from local bureaucrats, the Husky's owners decided to put up a sign in their front garden; it read "THE HUSKY IS FINE...LEAVE US ALONE."

Courtney Porter, one of Riley's owners, told CBC News, “I think people are just not totally educated about the breed."

Courtney, who is training to be a veterinarian at the Atlantic Veterinary college, went on to say, "He's a wild dog that was found in the woods...We would have to medicate him if we had to force him to stay inside, which would be unfortunate.”

Under the provincial animal welfare act, owners are required to provide their animals with adequate food, water, and shelter.

After meeting with the Porters, the Humane Society suggested building Riley a dog house. Although the Porters were initially reluctant, they decided to agree to the compromise and the case is now closed.

The Humane Society has a responsibility to carry out due diligence in regards to all complaints, but will also inform the complainants if owners are abiding by the law.

The cold doesn't bother these dogs

Huskies were developed in the harsh northern climate of Siberia. The average annual temperature is about -5C, but can fall as low as -23c during January.

While most dogs would struggle to survive such temperatures, Huskies have thick, double layered coats that insulates them from the cold.

So while the Porters neighbours may have had good intentions, Riley would have been more than happy rolling about in the winter snow.