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Brave young girl with a rare brain tumour wants a letter from your dog! [Update]

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A 7-year-old girl from Wisconsin is suffering from a rare, life-threatening brain tumour known as DIPG. But she’s only asking for one thing - a letter from your dog!

By Alice Lang , 28 Feb 2019

Last month, a wonderful young girl named Emma was living life as normal - playing with her friends in the snow and hanging out with her brothers. 

Emma has a rare brain tumour

Later in January, Emma got a headache before developing flu-like symptoms which kept getting worse. Eventually, she was rushed into the hospital where doctors discovered a swelling on the brain.

She’s now had two surgeries and is currently undergoing 6 weeks of intensive radiation therapy. Emma’s family set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for treatment, which has, so far, gathered over $80,000.

But she’s still passionate about dogs

Little Emma adores dogs. After a visit from the hospital therapy dog, her family said via their CaringBridge page:
“In case you didn’t know, Emma loves Dogs!  Well, Lily the therapy dog just left. I haven’t seen this little girl smile this much in a while.”
So, Emma had a great idea. She sent a request out to followers of her page asking for letters from dogs to cheer her up during her intense treatment.

And now, she’s received thousands of doggy messages!

Well, her request definitely didn’t go unnoticed.
“People from The Netherlands, England, Australia, Venezuela, Italy, Germany and almost every US state sent Emma an email with stories and pictures of their dogs.  She was Oooing and Aahhhing at all of them.” 
her parents explained via her CaringBridge journal.
Check out these adorable messages Emma’s GoFundMe page:

Girl with brain tumour wants messages from your dog

Team Emma - Fight against DIPG GoFundMe

Girl with brain tumour wants messages from dogs

Team Emma - Fight against DIPG GoFundMe
Does your doggy want to send the lovely, brave Emma a message to cheer her up? We’re sure she’d love to hear from some British pups - here’s her PO Box (yes, she’s had that many!) and email address:
Emma Mertens
P.O. Box 230
Hartland, WI

[Update] – Emma gets visit from 40 K-9 officers

Since Emma’s story went viral, the family has received over 100,000 letters from all over the world. Due to receiving up to 3,000 e-mails a day from ‘dogs’ in support of Emma, the family created a Facebook page for people to share their photos and messages, providing a larger venue to collect the well-wishes. “I think the letters give us an opportunity to forget about it,” Geoff Mertens, Emma’s dad, had confided to NTD. 

But on Saturday morning, the sweet 7-year-old got the best surprise of all. Watching from inside their Wisconsin home, the family observed, in complete astonishment, a parade of police cars coming down their driveway. As the policemen stepped out of their cars, they were accompanied by their faithful canine companions. Indeed, over 40 K-9 Units had driven from all over the surrounding counties to show up on Emma’s doorstep. “I’ve never seen her stop in her tracks like that and just be in awe for a couple of minutes. She couldn’t wait to pet and learn the name of each one as they approached”, Mertens told CNN. 

Some officers, (human and canine), had driven for hours just to get a few minutes to meet Emma. “It was just amazing to see so many people give their time to our daughter”, says Merten. 

It is heart-warming indeed to see Emma and these brave dogs share a special moment. If you haven’t sent Emma a picture and message from your dog yet, why not check out her Facebook page and do it now? 


Attached is a picture of Emma’ Team of Police K9s. She has them lined up listening to the two leaders up front. They...

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