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After 1,145 days dog is rehomed only to be returned to shelter

Mastiff dog sits on white floor and looks up at camera dog-sad
© Humane Society of Summit County - Facebook

A mastiff that waited over three years to find his forever home has been returned to the shelter after spending less than a week with his new family. 

By Nick Whittle , 28 Feb 2019

The Humane Society of Summit County (HSSC) in Ohio, USA announced the news on February 20th 2019 in a Facebook post: ‘We were so happy to announce on Saturday evening that Geronimo had found a family. Unfortunately, it was not a perfect match. His adopter made the difficult decision to return him to the Humane Society yesterday in hopes of finding him a better forever fit.’

Geronimo had been brought to the shelter in 2015 after rescuers retrieved him from a cruel and heartless home. The dog was according to The Dodo, ‘found locked inside a crate outside in the snow, with very little room to move around and no way to keep warm. He was emaciated and starving’. 

Since then the HSSC has cared for the dog, but the trauma Geronimo suffered at the hands of his previous owner had caused some nasty behaviour to develop, and until recently the shelter had not been able to rehome him. 

In mid-February HSSC finally said goodbye to the dog. ‘Today was a special day for a special boy!’ the HSSC wrote. ‘After patiently waiting 1,145 days Geronimo has finally found a family of his very own!’ 

A hero's return

But only four days later Geronimo reappeared. The shelter's announcement about the dog’s return prompted a general wave of support for the owner who had attempted to give the dog a new life. 

Let's not be judgmental about the people who gave him a chance,’ writes Ted Moore. ‘None of us know any of the circumstances of why they took him in or why they felt, after the short time they had him, Geronimo was not the dog for them.’

The search continues for Geronimo’s new owners. 

We would love your help again to spread the word about our handsome boy and help us find the person he has been waiting over three years to meet!’ the HSSC posted. ‘He is looking for an adult-only home and would be best as the only four-legged family member.’


Geronimo has found a family! Today was a special day for a special boy! After patiently waiting 1,145 days Geronimo has...

Posted by Humane Society of Summit County on Saturday, February 16, 2019