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Dog welcomes rescued cat and her kittens to foster home

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A busy foster carer specialising in looking after pregnant queen cats and their kittens gets some help from her faithful canine.   

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 01/03/2019, 15:45, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

In January a stray ginger cat called Nancy arrived at Lee County Animal Shelter in Sanford, North Carolina, US. During Nancy’s initial check-up the shelter’s vet noticed the cat was in the family way, and advised staff that the animal needed specialist care. 

The shelter contacted Carolinian Katie Rodriguez who agreed to collect the cat. Rodriguez’s shelter BabyCats Rescue specialises in caring for pregnant cats, orphaned kittens and kittens that cannot feed from their mums.  

Meet Burt the dog

But Rodriquez does not work alone. Her 14-month-old Great Pyrenees dog Burt is also on hand to offer whatever help he can.

Burt has been my dog for a year now, and he has helped me raise and rehome about 45-50 kittens,’ Katie told Love Meow. ‘He's always loved other animals and is one of the most gentle dogs I've ever met.’

Shortly after Nancy arrived at BabyCats Rescue she gave birth to three Toms and a female Tortoiseshell, and soon Burt was invited to meet the newbies. 

Nancy is very easy going,’ said Rodriguez. ‘[She] didn't seem to mind Burt when she first met him. She let him right on in the room and didn't even mind the little bit of slobber he left on their heads.’

Rodriguez intends to care for Nancy and her kittens until they are ready to be rehomed. Burt is never too far away. 

He is a wonderful dog to socialize kittens. All of my kittens, even the scared ones, have eventually come around to his charms (and drool),’ Katie said. ‘He's always been interested in other animals and has never met one he didn't like. When he was a little puppy he would try to befriend the frogs in my backyard.’

If you want to find out more about the workings of BabyCats rescue, why not visit their website


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