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[Video] Game of catch sets new world record

Whippet catching a frisbee dog-wow
© Shuttertock

A dog has set a new world record after making an amazing long-distance frisbee catch.

By Ashley Murphy , 27 Feb 2019

Eurie the whippet took the game of fetch to a new level during the halftime show of an American football game.

The catch, which happened at Spectre Stadium, Orlando, Florida,  set a world record for making a frisbee catch at a live sporting event. Showing no signs of nerves in front of a 20,000 strong crowd, Eurie tracked and caught a frisbee over a distance of 75 metres.

Eurie is the real star

Eurie's partner was Gary Duke, director of the Central Florida Disc Dogs Club. He works with Halftime Dogs Flying Disc Show, and was keen to direct all the praise towards the new world record holder, Speaking to TVNZ news, Gary said, "Eurie did the hard work and I just [became] a spectator like everybody else after I let it rip.”

Although he holds the record for the longest catch at a sporting event, Eurie has got lots to find before he can challenge for the longest disc throw ever title; that belongs to Davy the whippet.

On 14 October 2012, dog owner Robert Mcleod hurled a frisbee that travelled 134m before being caught by his pet whippet.

More record-breaking pooches

Eurie and Davy aren't the only whippet world record holders. In April 2017, a whippet named Toby broke his own record for the fastest time to pop a hundred ballons. He did it in just over 28 seconds.

Other record-breaking pooches include a Japanese dog called Purin. She holds the record for travelling 10 metres balancing on a ball in the fastest time (11 seconds) and has also caught more balls (14) in less than a minute than any other dog on earth.

One of the more unusual canine word records is the longest tongue (7.31inches.) That belongs to an 8-year-old St Bernard called Mochi.