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Glenn Close's doggy ‘date’ steals the show

Glenn Close and Pip her dog on stage dog-happy
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Glenn Close took her ‘date’ on stage at the Independent Spirit Awards this year: a three-year-old Havanese called Sir Pippin of Beanfield. 

By Nick Whittle , 26 Feb 2019

Close won Best Female Lead for her performance in the film The Wife, and the actress was resolute about her wish to share the moment with her beloved dog, Pip, whom she has had since he was seven weeks old. 

Hope you don’t mind that Pippy came up with me, he’s my date,’ the actress explained to the audience. 

Pip seemed very comfortable on stage, almost a natural. He obviously lapped up the attention.

What is it about the Havanese? 

Asked about the nature of Pip’s X-Factor, Close said, ‘I’ve had dogs my whole life. This dog, I know his language, he’s the most intelligent dog I’ve ever had. He’s funny and he’s comforting and goes with me pretty much everywhere.’

Earlier this year Pip shared on his Instagram account a post about his accompanying Close to an interview with The Late Show. 

On our way to COLBERT. Both of us did a pre-interview,’ he wrote, ‘but, between us, I’d MUCH rather hang out backstage, have a few treats and be stroked.’

The 71-year-old star of films such as Fatal Attraction and Dangerous Liaisons was asked whether Pip would accompany her to the 2019 Academy Awards.

He doesn’t know,' Close replied. 'He doesn’t have anything to wear. He came with his usual bodysuit [today] but he doesn’t have anything for, you know, black tie’.

The Havanese is the national dog of Cuba but is thought to have originated in Tenerife. Logbooks from 17th Century crossings of the Atlantic from Tenerife to Cuba include mention of a companionable ship-dog, which many believe was the Havanese.  


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