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Shelby the dog goes from digging through trash and is now starring in a Hollywood movie

Shelby the rescue dog is now a Hollywood movie star dog-happy
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It's an amazing rags-to-riches story for Shelby the Dog who goes from digging through trash to being a Hollywood movie star

By Dawn Parrish , 26 Feb 2019

The hungry dog searches for food digging through the trash

Shelby, the 2-year old dog didn’t have a very good start in her early days. Living in Nashville, Tennessee, the pup was noticed digging through landfill garbage hunting for something to eat. An animal control officer, Megan Buhler, spotted the dog who was seriously malnourished. At first, as Megan approached the frightened dog, she was too scared to come near her, but eventually she managed to coax the dog into her truck.

The half-starved dog is taken to the animal shelter

The caring animal control officer took Shelby the dog to the rescue shelter, where she was given a medical check, vaccinated and fed. The staff also took some professional mug-shots of the dog, in the hope of using these to find Shelby a new home. Of course, they had no idea how important these glamour shots would be for the dog’s future.

A new Hollywood Movie – a Dog’s Way Home

Filmmakers needed to find a suitable dog that would fit the bill for their new movie. The story is based on the novel, “A Dog’s Way Home” and is the tale of Bella, a pup who needs to find her way home to her master’s side, across some 400 miles. The author of the book had insisted that the Hollywood Movie crew use a rescue dog in the leading role.

Shelby, The Dog goes from digging trash to Hollywood movie stardom

An experienced dog trainer was given the task of finding a suitable canine to fill this part in the movie. After finding three dogs who might be suitable, unfortunately none of them were comfortable in front of the camera. Luckily for Shelby, Miller, the dog trainer recalled seeing a photogenic image of the rescue dog and immediately contacted Cheatham County Animal Control shelter. Shelby appeared to fit the bill just fine, and after doing some training she was cast to star in the Hollywood movie.

Now showing in Hollywood theatres, Shelby is definitely a movie star of the silver screen.

For Dog's Eyes Only

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