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Future of Scottie dogs in danger as their breed is on the decline

Future of Scottie dogs is very vulnerable as breed is on the decline dog-sad
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The future of Scottie dogs is now at risk in the UK

By Dawn Parrish , 25 Feb 2019

Scottish terrier dog breed loses popularity

With his characteristic body and pointed ears, the Scottie dog is one of the UK’s most well-recognised dogs. A favourite of not only several US presidents, but also a beloved pet of Queen Victoria. Immortalised as a Monopoly playing piece and used to advertise Scottish shortbread, whisky and Radley handbags for many years, and always a popular pet. So what has happened to cause Scottie dogs to fall out of favour?

Designer and Celebrity dogs more popular

In recent years, designer breeds such as the Cockapoo and the French bulldog are more prevalent, while the future of Scottie dogs is in jeopardy. It appears that if a breed isn’t owned and promoted by a high-profile, celerity owner, the dog can fall from popularity. It appears that this is the case with Scottie dogs.

Drastic decline of Scottie dogs in the UK

According to recent figures from The Kennel Club, there has been a rapid decline in the numbers of Scottish terriers registered over the last 5 years. The future of Scottie dogs means that they are now a vulnerable breed, with registrations in 2018 falling 38% to only 438, rather less than the threshold number of 450. It’s such a shame that this well-recognised breed is falling into a decline just because trendier dog breeds take over.

The Scottie dog is a perfect pet choice

These cute dogs, who are intelligent, loyal and very affectionate are a great choice for anyone looking for a companion pet. The Scottish terrier has a fantastic character and a lovely personality, and it’s such a shame that the future of Scottie dogs is now at risk of being wiped out.  

The Kennel Club launches a campaign

A new campaign, “Save British Dog Breeds” in an attempt to reverse the decline of native dog breeds. Out of the 57 UK breeds registered, 29 of these are now classed as “vulnerable”.

It would indeed be sad to lose one of the most iconic breeds from UK canine history.


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