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Shocking survey reveals that only 42% of UK dogs are walked daily

Less than half of UK dogs are walked daily dog-angry
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Every dedicated dog owner knows that their dog needs plenty of exercise in order to be happy, healthy and fulfilled. But shocking new research has revealed that less than half of dog owners in the UK bother to take their dog for a daily walk.

By Alice Lang , 25 Feb 2019

Before you commit to a new pooch, you have to ask yourself a few questions. 

Will I be around enough? Can I take it for a walk (or two, or three, depending on the breed) every single day? Can I provide high-quality food, plenty of water and lots of affection? Do I have the time to commit to this dog?

It seems simple, right? If you answer no, you don't get a dog. But it seems many (in fact, most!) Brits aren't following this sensible advice.

But only 42% of British dogs are walked daily

Shockingly, a survey from Forthglade revealed that less than half of the nation’s dogs are walked every day.

Plus, on average, dogs are walked for less than 20 minutes per day. If you're a dog lover like us, you'll know that dogs need at least 30 minutes to an hour of walking per day - for some breeds, it might be even more.

The most common excuses were being too tired, not having enough time or holding a belief that the dog doesn’t like being out in the wind, rain or snow. Shocking, hey?

Lack of exercise could have serious consequences for dogs

Steve Leonard, a TV vet, spoke to The Daily Mail about the findings: 

“Without regular exercise, dogs are at increased risk of health problems such as joint disease, obesity and stress-related disorders. For dogs, as for humans, exercise is an important part of mental and physical wellbeing.”

So now, it’s time for the Great British Dog Walk campaign

Forthglade has now revealed an exciting new campaign, the ‘Great British Dog Walk’, which aims to spread the word about the importance of daily dog walks.

“We want to help people rediscover the joy in walking their dogs and appreciate those moments that are not only benefitting the dog and themselves physically, but also helping us de-stress and improving our mental health,” said Dr Carri Westgarth to Forthglade.

We wish Forthglade all the luck with their campaign and have our fingers crossed that it will make an impact. Remember to walk your dogs every day, guys - it's so  important for their physical and mental health.