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Adorable puppy cries and whimpers watching emotional Lion King scene

Puppys gets emotional watching The Lion King scene dog-wow
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There’s always that one part of The Lion King which brings everyone to tears… and now, it seems it’s even pulling at this dog’s heart strings!

By Alice Lang , 24 Feb 2019

Is there anyone that doesn’t shed a tear every time they watch that awfully emotional scene in The Lion King? 

It’s almost guaranteed to be one of those awkward moments where everyone is desperately fighting back the tears, like: “Yeah, I’m totally not crying at a cartoon. Wait, I definitely am… *Sob, sob, sob*".

This dog totally can’t handle it either

It’s not just us humans who care about Simba, you know! This sensitive canine soul couldn’t take her eyes off the screen as Simba grieved for his father, Mufasa. 

Josh Myers shared the video of his 4-month old puppy, Hannah, on social media. Luna whimpers and cries as she glares at The Lion King scene, wishing Mufasa would jump back to life. Don’t we all, Hannah - don’t we all!

Josh is proud of her compassionate pooch

According to Metro, Josh said: “So Hannah and I were watching the Lion King while Luna played wildly with her toys. But right as Mufasa falls to his death, she stops and turns to the TV to watch.”
“To see her crying at the TV was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen.”
“She even lays down right after Simba lays with his dad. We don’t deserve dogs. 4 months old and she’s already showing empathy.”

Watch the video of Hunna below. Beware, it might make you get a little emosh’ too! It’s so, so sweet - dogs are the best, aren’t they?