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Pit bull Mum and son stuck in shelter for 2 year - can we find them a forever home?

Pit bull Mother and Son stuck in kennels for 2 years dog-sad
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This mother and son pitbull are completely lost without each other. They’ve been waiting for a loving home together for 2 whole years… but no one seems to want to take this devoted duo as a pair.

By Alice Lang , 1 Mar 2019

Baxter and Kaiah, 2 friendly, affectionate pit bulls, have been at Windham Animal Control in Connecticut for 2 whole years. Their original owner was sent to prison, and now the devoted mother and son are innocently stuck without a home.

The pair are known for their loving, calm temperament

This duo is known by shelter staff to be exceptionally warm, friendly and approachable - yep, they’re the dream pooch! You’d think they’d have found a forever home within weeks, but there’s been a real lack of interest.

Shelter staff say that despite their age, the pair have endless love and companionship to give.

“Baxter is goofy and likes to do the typical fly-through-the-air, grab-the-sweatshirt type of pittie play,” Joan L, a volunteer with the shelter, said to The Dodo. 

“Kaiah is very soft and gentle. They both take treats as soft as a whisper. They are really easygoing; most of the time they curl up together sleeping.”

And they're completely inseparable

Baxter is super protective of his Mum and hates being away from her.

“Baxter is lost without her so we keep them in the same kennel even though technically we're not supposed to,” Joan said. 

For this reason, they need to be adopted together - no questions asked! They also need to be the only pets within the home, but they're lovely around children.

Can you give them a home?

Now 8 and 10, shelter staff are desperate to find Baxter and Kaiah a home for their golden years. They’ve had bad luck throughout their life - it’s time for them to understand what love and happiness really are.

“It would make me so happy to see them safely established with their own family in their golden years,” Joan said. 

Do you know someone across the pond who might have room for these two wonderful pit bulls? We’re sure whoever decides to take them on will be rewarded with unconditional love and friendship. 

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