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This terrified kitten was stuck in a freezing cold drain - will she make it through?

Kitten stuck in train gets rescued by man cat-happy
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Trapped and alone, a tiny tortoiseshell kitten was almost drowning following a nasty, cold storm. Her cries for help were so loud that some passersby spotted her - but will she be able to make it through the terrifying ordeal?

By Alice Lang

Published on the 25/02/2019, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

Animal lover Shaun Paul, who is an Emergency Care Practitioner at Netcare 911, was calmly driving around South Africa when he noticed two children waving for his attention. They told him that they’d seen a kitten fighting for its life in a drain nearby.

The tiny kitten was crying out for help

"He found a small kitten meowing in distress some two meters down the stormwater drain," Netcare 911 told Love Meow.
Thankfully, experienced Shaun made some improvised rescue equipment and managed to lift the scared kitty out the drain. She was freezing cold and drenched - it’s a miracle she hadn’t drowned.
"He covered the kitten in a towel to keep her warm and offered the kitty some water to try and hydrate the visibly traumatized feline,"

But the terrified kitty made it through

To everyone’s surprise, the strong little feline was okay and suffered no injuries. After she was dried and fed, she fell right to sleep and began her recovery, safe and warm in her carrier.

After a quick call with local shelter Sables Creatures, a lovely volunteer fosterer called Yvonne Theocharopoulos offered to take on the lonesome kitten.

"When I offered to foster her, I already knew she would be part of our home. Her minute size and sad eyes stole our hearts," Yvonne told Love meow.

And now, she’s found her forever home

She quickly settled into family life, cuddling up to her foster family and their pets all day long. And, guess what? Yvonne and her family fell in love. They’ve decided to keep her forever, naming her Coco - how adorable!

"She is doing extremely well considering her age and the trauma she endured during the first three weeks of her little life," Yvonne said."She now has four canine and three feline siblings, and is part of a big happy family!"

What a happy ending! We're over the moon for Coco and her new family. Good job, Shaun - you're a hero!


Cosmo has been adopted by her foster mom, Yvonne ?

Posted by Sables creatures on Tuesday, February 19, 2019