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‘Psychokinetic’ cat stalks Dakota weatherman in viral video

A video of a cat attacking a weatherman on TV has gone viral. cat-wow
© highfive_branny - Twitter

A Sioux Falls, South Dakota weatherman has been made the victim of an obsessive hate campaign – by a cat.

By G. John Cole

Published on the 24/02/2019, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

KSFY TV Senior Meteorologist and regional Emmy Award recipient Phil Schreck is a familiar face in picturesque Sioux Falls, north of Omaha in the United States. But one local seems sick of the sight of him: a black and white cat named Romi Hosack-Heesch.

Viral cat

“Romi likes to jump on top of the TV,” the cat’s roommate, Tina Hosack-Heesch, told Schreck on KSFY, “and when she sees things she likes to bat at it, but I took my phone out, and I thought 'man this will be a good one because she's really trying to kick Phil's butt.’

“She was just going to town [on Schreck’s butt].”

The shocking footage of the cat trying to claw the weatherman through the TV screen soon went viral, and when Hosack-Heesch received a call from “a lady from London” she knew things were serious. Her footage had apparently received more than 700,000 views through viral content distributors VT.

Meanwhile, Schreck himself caught wind of the phenomenon, and shared the video on his own Facebook and Twitter profiles – perhaps keen to immunize himself against further harassment. And then he called Hosack-Heesch to talk about Romi’s campaign one-on-one.

“Does your cat do that to other weathermen too, or is it just me?” Schreck goes on to ask, as personal messages from a friend named Doris pop up on his smart phone screen.

“She did it with Shawn [Cable] on there too, but she just really, really did it with you more,” replies Hosack-Heesch.

Supernatural claws

It may all seem like a bit of fun to the social media masses. But despite the fact that ‘Puss In Combat Boots’ Romi and local celebrity Schreck have never met in person, KSFY’s resident weatherman has suffered physical symptoms of the cat’s hate-campaign.

That night after that weathercast I started noticing these little scratches showing up on my hands and face,” the veteran meteorologist told colleagues on the evening news. “I wasn’t sure why. And now I know.”

Paranoiac Munchausen syndrome or psychokinetic cat stalker? Sounds like a case for Mulder and Scully.