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Hattie the Fatty - dog finds a new home after losing excess weight

Hattie the Fattie obese dog finds a new home dog-happy
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A Plymouth dog nicknamed Hattie the Fatty has slimmed down and found a new home

By Dawn Parrish , 23 Feb 2019

Hattie, was nicknamed “Britain’s fattest dog” by staff at the Gables Farm Dog and Cats home in Devon. She arrived at the animal shelter weighing in at an amazing 6 stones (40 kg). She actually resembled a pot-bellied pig after eating nothing but a diet of hamburgers.

Hattie the Fatty was obese and unhealthy

When the collie-cross dog was taken to Gables Farm in April 2018, she was morbidly obese, almost blind and had canine diabetes. She was actually taken from her home by RSPCA officials who were concerned for her health and welfare. This isn’t the first overweight pooch that animal shelter have taken on. They’ve also helped “Large Marge” an obese cat and “Bopper the Whopper” another overweight collie dog.

A healthy diet and exercise for Hattie the Fatty

A strict diet was recommended, together with plenty of exercise for Hattie. It was better for her health issues if she could lose weight slowly and safely with careful monitoring. With her hard work and perseverance, Hattie the Fatty is no more! The collie-cross dog is now a slimmed down version of her former self. Weighing in at only 3 stones 8 pounds (23kg), she is almost half her original weight.

Hattie the slim dog finds a new home

An appeal was placed on social media looking for a new home for Hattie. Many hundreds of applications were received, but it was a special lady who fell in love with the dog. Ruth Rickard, who was a dog foster carer, had been taking care of Hattie and she couldn’t imagine her living anywhere else. Ruth commented that Hattie was such a lovely character who deserved the best care.

Fundraiser for ongoing care and medical bills

Gables Farm set up a charity fundraiser to cover the costs of surgery on Hattie’s cataracts to help her vision and also for her daily insulin injections.

Ruth also has a cat named Parker and a dog, Brady at home. These rehomed pets are also former rescue animals from Gables Farm. Hattie will surely settle into her new home very well.


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