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Dog reunited with family months after they fled wildfires

Akito dog reunited with his family in California dog-happy
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Dog reunited with family months after they fled wildfires, he is a born survivor. 

By Dawn Parrish , 22 Feb 2019

Kingston, the 12 year old Akita dog, was disorientated when he leapt out of the moving truck as the family fled from the fires in Paradise, California last year. He was terrified and obviously unsure of what was happening in his world.

The family of the dog never gave up hope

The Bellejos family, who owned the Akita dog, never lost hope of being reunited with Kingston. They placed many missing dog posters around the area and visited every animal rescue centre over a period of three months. Every night, their daughter, Maleah would pester her dad to go out and search for Kingston. They never thought that they wouldn’t see him again.

Kingston is rescued from the forest

It’s certainly lucky that Ben Lepe, an animal rescue volunteer spotted the large dog. He had noticed Kingston on a surveillance camera and knew that the only way to capture him was to set a trap. Luckily, this worked, as Kingston was desperately hungry. When the rescuers picked him up, he smelled strongly of skunk, which is probably what his recent diet consisted of. The rescued dog was taken to Friends of Camp Fire Cats rescue group, who made a social media post to alert the public to his situation.

The Bellejos family reunited with their pet dog

Once the distraught family were aware that a large dog had been found, who sounded just like their beloved Kingston, they headed immediately to the shelter. Gabriel, the mum of the family was reduced to tears when the dog was reunited with the family. She paid testament to the dog, who was a true American survivor!

There are still many lost dogs as a result of the wildfires

On 8 November last year, the town of Paradise was razed to the ground. More than 15000 homes were destroyed and 85 people lost their lives. It’s thought that there are still more than 200 lost dogs, waiting to be reunited with their owners, in the area.


The family got a call after animal rescue volunteer Ben Lepe trapped Kingston on Sunday and took him to Friends of Camp...

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The reunification of Kingston the dog.

Posted by Suzy Capra on Monday, February 18, 2019