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Woman abandons her dog leaving him at the metro train station

Cruel woman abandons her pet dog at the train station dog-angry
© El Limite des Bien - Twitter

The passengers on the metro couldn’t believe their eyes! The woman ran off onto the metro train, leaving her pet dog behind.


By Dawn Parrish , 21 Feb 2019

It’s certainly not what you expect to see at the train station. The woman appeared to be sitting on the bench, petting her dog, waiting for the metro to arrive at a station in Argentina. However, as soon as the metro doors opened, she ran quickly onto the train with the other passengers leaving her dog behind.

She abandons her dog as she continues her train journey

One of the other passengers spotted what she was up to, and managed to take a video on his camera. The images clearly show the woman sitting next to the dog and the next shot is of her inside the carriage. She tries to look inconspicuous, but of course, human nature isn’t going to allow her to get away with such a cruel act.

The other passengers shout out their disgust

Once word soon spreads around the train of how she abandoned her pet dog, the other passengers call out to her. She denies this of course, that she has left the dog, that it wasn’t even her dog. In this day and age, many animal lovers cannot understand how someone could be so cruel. The dog was probably now wandering up and down the station concourse, crying for his owner.

Abhorrence of this feat arises on Social media

Once this video of her leaving the dog behind at the train station was posted on Twitter, it received hundreds of comments. The majority of the comments show their disgust and loathing that a person could do such an uncaring act, especially to a helpless dog.

Latest news: In a further update on Facebook, it appears that the woman has found her conscience and has returned to the metro train station to collect her dog. Let’s hope the dog is safe and well once more.