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Clever cat manages to unlock door for owner who's locked outside

Clever cat unlocks door for owner who's stuck outside cat-wow
© @gabbytropea Twitter

This clever kitty has proved that cats can be smart by seamlessly unlocking the door for his owner, who was locked outside. Just watch the video - it's pretty damn impressive!

By Alice Lang

Published on the 22/02/2019, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

Between eating, napping, meowing for food and knocking glasses off the kitchen counter, cats don't have much time left to do anything useful.

And they're not exactly known for their high IQ or brains... but we forgive them because frankly, they're super cute. And fluffy. And adorable. And cuddly (okay, we'll stop now...).

But, guess what? This little brown tabby cat has literally just proved us all wrong. 

But Boko's the smartest kitty on the block

Student Gabby got home to realise she'd been locked out and had no key. It's happened to all of us though, right? And usually, we'd just call a friend or family member for help.

But Gabby didn't need to. Her cat, Boko, immediately unlocked the door by removing a wooden bar - and he made it look easy! You have to see it to believe it. 

And now, he's Twitter famous

Boko's impressive door-unlocking skills have made the post go viral on Twitter. We're not surprised - Boko's got some skills!

Speaking to Mashable, Gabby explained that Boko was actually a stray who she picked up off the street and fell in love with. "In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have picked up a visibly ill stray cat, but I did ..."

She says he's now a healthy, clever kitty and that she's "proud to share my smart boy!".

Gabby is considering creating an Instagram cat for Boko, and we totally think she should. For now, you can follow their adventures on Gabby's personal Twitter account - we're expecting to see more smart kitty tricks soon, guys!