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Dog opens neighbours' package, owners embarrassed once they see its contents

Black Labrador lies on a grey floor dog-wow
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A man and woman from Manchester were left mortified last week after their dog ripped open a neighbour’s parcel containing a sex toy.  

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 26/03/2021, 06:30

Lee Edwards, 36, and his partner Jenna Crozier, 34, looked after the parcel at the request of the local postie after he had been unable to raise a neighbour just a few doors down. 

Edwards and Crozier then left for work and thought nothing of leaving the parcel safe and sound until later.

But the couple’s Labrador puppy had other ideas. The unopened box proved impossible for Bonnie to ignore, and it seems Bonnie’s mum Bojangles was happy to let her daughter play. 

Bonnie gets the knack

First to return home, Edwards noticed a six-inch long pink toy lying in the middle of the living room. A dog trainer by trade, he suspected this was something he may have used in his line of work. 

I train dogs for a living and we do have toys that are similar,’ Edwards told The Sun. 

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But on closer inspection he discovered it was...a human toy... 

Then I thought it might have been Jenna’s and was thinking “why has she bought that?”’ Edwards added. ‘It was just lying there on the floor then I saw what had happened to the box.’

When Jenna came home she quickly put the toy back in its box. 

An awkward situation

When I saw what it was I thought it was so funny,’ she said. ‘Of all the parcels she could have got hold of it had to be the most secret thing you could have.’

The worst was yet to come though, as the pair waited patiently for the recipient of the package to collect it. 

The neighbour ended up coming round,’ Crozier recalled. ‘I don’t know her but I’d say she’s in her late forties. I apologised and told her the dog had got hold of it. I’ve not seen her since. I don’t want to, I feel awful.’

Dog rips open neighbor’s package to find a new toy Lee Edwards, 36, and partner Jenna Crozier, 34, from Greater...

Posted by Jan Williams on Sunday, February 17, 2019

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