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Puppy saved from dog meat farm is loving her new life

White dog makes full recovery dog-happy
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A few months ago this dog was living in puppy hell, but thanks to some dedicated animal lovers, Dorothy's life is better than ever.

By Ashley Murphy , 20 Feb 2019

Raised in a Korean dog meat farm, Dorothy the 12-month-old Jindo mix was living in a cramped cage with 12 other dogs. There was little access to food and water, no love or companionship, and little hope of getting out alive.

There was even a sign advertising dog blood for sale.

Attitudes are changing

An estimated 2 million dogs are slaughtered for meat each year in South Korea. Thankfully, support for the industry has been decreasing, especially among younger South Koreans.

The changing attitudes have led to the formation of several animal welfare groups, including Korean K9 Rescue. And when they heard about the "blood-farm," they knew it was time to take some action.

Gina Boehler is the founder of Korean K9 Rescue. She told the Dodo, “We have rescued dogs from meat farms before, but this kind of use for dog meat was something we had never heard of before and it shocked us it even existed."

With some help from local volunteers, Korean K9 rescue was able to free the dogs and relocate them to the United States.

Unfortunately, four of them died before making it to their new home, and things weren't looking good for Dorothy. She'd caught a serious viral infection that affects the respiratory, the gastrointestinal, and the nervous system.

A new life for a brave pup

But this little pup wasn't about to give up! And now after a tough battle, she’s living the kind of life she never could have imagined.

Jenny Lee, a resident of New York, is Dorothy's new foster mum. She told the Dodo, [Dorothy] is  so looking forward to walks outside and is walking for longer and longer each day."

Dorothy is Jenny Lee's 19th foster dog, and I'm sure it won't be long before this brave pup finds her permanent home.


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