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Family in Venezuela will do anything possible when Saving Cats

Family saving street cats in Caracas, Venezeula cat-happy
© Javier Reinoso - Twitter

This animal loving family in Venezuela puts all their efforts into saving cats

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 19/02/2019, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

Life in Venezuela isn’t too good for humans, let alone cats

At the moment, the country is facing an enormous humanitarian and political crisis. The economy is dire and many people have fled their homes, in an effort just to survive. Of course, the last thing on many people’s minds is to look after their pets, when their family could also be in desperate need.  The cats often get left behind when they go in search of food, jobs and new homes.

One family’s efforts at saving many homeless cats

It all began one day when Javier Reinoso, brought home two tiny abandoned orange tabby kittens. He had found them hiding in some bushes. Of course he gave them cute names, Popina and Popy as he cared for them. So began his love for felines, and of saving the many abandoned and homeless cats in his local area in Caracas. He now runs Reinoso Cat Sanctuary alongside his parents, where they help many feral street cats.

Their stray cat colony grows even larger

The cat-loving family moved the kitties out of their current home, into a larger property with an enclosed back yard. Here, they housed, not only the first lot of stray cats, but also another pregnant kitty. Where this family initially started by saving around 14 cats, now, ten years later, they’ve helped more than 60 rescue cats. People in the neighbourhood know that this family will go to any lengths to help these strays. They often wake to find an abandoned kitten on their doorstep. Luckily, a local Vet donates his time to help saving these cats too.

As is the case with many rescue centres, they rely on financial donations and volunteers. Yet even here in Venezuela, where money is so scarce and precious, Javier Reinoso and his family continue saving street and feral cats, often putting the cats’ needs before their own.