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Dog on parade ‘almost’ steals the show.

Dancing dog at Mexican wedding dog-happy
© Alan Gómez. Facebook

At a wedding parade in the middle of Mexico City a stray dog couldn’t resist joining in the celebrations. And some onlookers agreed that el perro stole the show. 

By Nick Whittle , 19 Feb 2019

Once upon a time it was a large Aztec city state, but now Tenochtitlan is nothing more than a suburb of Mexico City. Nevertheless, the energy and colour of the ancient peoples still run wild in the veins of its modern-day residents: even those with four legs. 

Locals left their homes to watch the latest wedding parade meander through their ancient streets. Among the multi-coloured swatch of marchers were women in traditional Mexican costumes and entertainers dressed in larger-than-life papier-mâché mojigangas: giant puppets representing the bride and groom.

The swirly celebration of marriage is a Mexican-Spanish tradition that takes place after the ceremony of marriage and before the wedding party. Parade goers will drink as they dance through the streets and they are sometimes joined by a donkey carrying bottles of tequila. 

Drunk on fun

Today there was no donkey but there was a dog. And it seemed to be swept up by the partygoers’ infectious energy; as the festive estudiantina music reached a climax and onlookers toasted the happy couple the dog began to dance. 

The dog begins to imitate the swirls and sways of the dancers; seemingly as drunk on fun as the humans are on tequila. The spectacle was caught by local man Alan Gómez who posted a video on Facebook. 

According to Gómez, another stray dog called Mazapán is often seen at public demonstrations in Oaxaca, and has even run a marathon. 

The wedding dog seems happy, but its arrival is a reminder of the problem faced by residents of Mexico City. The city is beset by stray dogs. Literally thousands of them eat, sleep and die on the streets and beaches of the historic city. 

According to, ‘Mexico City authorities report that they capture and kill an estimated 20,000 dogs per month in their city alone.’


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Posted by Alan Gómez on Thursday, February 7, 2019