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Coca-Cola cut their sponsorship of Alaskan race with Sled Dogs

Iditarod Sled Dog Race in Alaska dog-sad
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Its good news for the Sled Dogs as Coca-Cola call a halt to their race sponsorship

By Dawn Parrish , 19 Feb 2019

The Iditarod is one of Alaskan’s cruellest Sled Dog races

Since the Iditarod race began in 1973, around 152 sled dogs have died, often a cruel and unnecessary death. For most of the year, the dogs that are trained to take part, live outside, often chained, in inhumane, freezing conditions. Some of these sled dogs suffer from ulcers, stress fractures and bleeding paws.

Selective culling of the sled dogs is cruel is harsh and unwarranted

Throughout the sled dog racing industry in Alaska, it appears that selective killing is carried out when the dogs are either too old, too sick or are injured. Owners frequently just walk into the woods with their loyal sled dogs and shoot them there and then! These actions are totally merciless and cold-blooded.

Coca-Cola withdraw their sponsorship from sled dog race

Following a public outcry, Coca-Cola have decided to remove their sponsorship. They will no longer be one of the Idiatarod’s main sponsors and this less than two weeks before the race is scheduled to take place. Many other major brands have also withdrawn their backing and funding. Wells Fargo, Maxwell House, Jack Daniel’s and Costco have retracted their sponsorship in retaliation against the cruelty to the sled dogs in previous years.

This neglect of the sled dogs goes against the vision of the Idiatarod race

It appears that the race was first developed by founders, Joe Redington Snr and Dorothy Page, to capture the bond between the musher and canine. This has certainly been highlighted with recent events in the public eye. Sled dogs have an amazing aerobic endurance, there is no doubting this fact. However, many people now refuse to support this horrific neglect and cruelty of the hard-working, racing dogs.


Let's put a stop to Iditarod. Visit to find out how to reach out to the CEOs of Millennium Hotels, PenAir, and more to tell them sponsoring abuse ISN'T ACCEPTABLE!

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Hey New York, you've seen the film & now it's your turn to get involved. To learn about what you could do to help, visit our website.

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Last year five dogs died on the Iditarod trail. Will you be watching this year? #Iditarod2018 #thelastgreatrace #choosecompassion

Posted by Sled Dogs Film on Friday, February 16, 2018