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Rescued: ‘Bedhead’ kitten just a few days old

Kitten with bedhead lies on black and white rug cat-happy
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When Bottle Baby Fosters of Phoenix Arizona took in a sick kitten in Autumn of last year they feared the worse. It was clear to them that ‘Wolfie’ was going to need some very special care and attention.  

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 19/02/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

Towards the end of 2018 Melinda Blain of Bottle Baby Fosters was handed a malnourished stray cat by a member of the public who had tried to bottle-feed it to no avail. Despite the efforts of the Good Samaritan the cat would not take to the teat of the milk bottle and was quickly losing weight. 

Melinda sprang into action. She decided to tube feed the cat rather than bottle feed it, and this she did with the help of shelter founders Shelbi and husband Brandon. According to Love Meow, the cat, which they called ‘Wolfie’, gained 20 grams of body weight in just one day

The kitten has such a strong aversion to drinking from a nipple and the finder realized she needed more help,’ Shelbi told Love Meow. ‘She [Melinda] really wanted the kitten to survive.’

Beset by a virus

But Wolfie was unwell in other ways. Kittens that are separated from their mother too soon are far more vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections than those properly supported by the queen’s milk. As a result of her being orphaned, Wolfie had a nasty virus too.

Wolfie was on antibiotics because she had a cold,’ Shelbi added. ‘That was a little worrisome because it can easily turn to pneumonia especially since we weren't sure if she had aspirated (from feeding) before we got her.’

But almost a week of intensive care from Melinda, Shelbi and Brandon, Wolfie began to recover, and she began to grow a crazy ‘bedhead’ hairdo.  

After four days of being on antibiotics, her lungs seemed clear and her sniffles went away,' Shelbi said. 'That's when I knew she was going to thrive.’

Thanks to Bottle Baby Fosters Wolfie is now happy and healthy. It is hoped she will soon be fit enough to be rehomed. 


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