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Man who cloned deceased service dog shares his story

Two cloned service dogs dog-wow
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Ex-Serviceman clones his dying service dog with amazing results

By Dawn Parrish , 18 Feb 2019

A loyal service dog was going to be a great miss to ex-serviceman, David Hawn. The dog had supported him through many troubles. The perfect answer arose when he cloned his dying pet.

Booster, the special service dog

Following an accident several years ago, the service dog, Booster became an important part of Hawn’s life and wellbeing. The dog became his mobility support and also aided him with PTSD issues. When he learned that his precious pet was dying with cancer, Hawn became depressed. However, following some research into canine breeding, he heard of a professor, Dr Hwang at SOOAM Biotech in Seoul, North Korea. Hwang was involved with dog cloning practices.

Hawn witnesses the cloned service dog process

While attending classes he learned of a dog cloning procedure and sent an email to professor Hwang at SOOAM Biotech in Korea, who subsequently invited him to Seoul to witness the cloning process. The process was nothing short of miraculous. They first removed an egg from the female dog and removed her DNA. Then Buster, the service dog’s DNA was removed and used to fertilise the egg, which was placed into a surrogate female.

Two identical cloned dogs are born

Rather than having just one cloned puppy from the service dog, Hawn ended up with two! Busted and Booster. The cloned dogs looked identical to their father, Buster. Not only did they have his sensitivity, intelligence and personality but there is also evidence of memory transference. The cloned pups knew how to carry out tasks that they hadn’t even been trained to do. Cloned dogs are certainly more mature when they are born.

David Hawn now has 2 incredible cloned service dogs

Boosted and Busted have certainly changed Hawn’s life for the better. The dogs not only support him in his daily life, but they’ve become canine celebrities. A recent interview at News 3’s studio discovered the story behind Buster, the original service dog’s legacy to his two cloned pups. Certainly proof that canine science research pays off.


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