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Shy stray kitten finds canine best friend

Stray cat finds canine best friend dog-cat-happy
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A scared, tiny ginger kitten was saved by a rescue team. At first, he was terrified of everybody... but when he discovered dogs, his life turned around for the better.

By Alice Lang

Published on the 18/02/2019, 16:30, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

Volunteers at Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland spotted the little kitty on the streets and immediately went out to save him. He didn't make it easy, though...

"He led us on a chase all the way around our block and then back to our lot where he picked the van to hide in," Alley Cat Rescue said to Love Meow.

The little ball of fluff ended up hiding in the engine compartment and had no plans to come out. He was clearly terrified.

"It took much coaxing, but eventually we got a hold of the dirty little one."

The kitten was super shy... until he met the family dog

Naming him Waffles, the shelter staff took the kitty to a foster home so he could slowly regain confidence. He was awfully shy and spent most of the time hiding away,

But then, something magical happened.

When Waffles met the family dog, he immediately seemed happier, bubblier and more confident. Soon after, he even went in for a cuddle with his canine foster sibling. It was a huge change in character.

A few weeks later, Waffles was happy, playful and content, spending most of his time hanging out with his doggy buddy. 

"He is energetic and friendly and has shown the courage to snuggle up to any dog, no matter how big," the rescue added.

But Waffles needed a forever home

Waffles couldn't stay with his foster family forever. He needed a permanent residence. The shelter knew they had to find him a home with a dog - they were his favourite thing in the world, after all.

And, guess what? His dream came true. A family with a lovely, gentle Golden Retriever were seeking a feline friend - it was fate! 

The pair bonded instantly, and now, Sparky and Waffles are now the best of friends. They follow each other around the house, take naps together and play all day.

There's no more street life for the little ginger kitty - he's got a forever home and a wonderful canine brother to spend his life with.

Remember to check your car when it's cold outside. Cats may hide behind or on top of the wheels or in the engine compartment for warmth. Have a good look, beep the horn or just give the bonnet a bit of a slam to warn them of your presence - it's better to be safe than sorry.


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