Giant tortoise helps rescue puppies come out their shell

Giant tortoise helps rescue puppies come out their shell dog-wow
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Who said you need to be the same species to be the best of friends? These terrified rescue puppies found comfort in a GIANT tortoise and now they're inseparable!

By Alice Lang

Published on the 18/02/2019, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

Andrea, a dedicated fosterer at 2nd Chances Rescue, volunteered to foster 4 sibling puppies who had been dropped at PetSmart in a beer box. They'd been wandering around the neighbourhood, tiny and scared - but Andrea knew she could help.

Andrea has fostered and adopted numerous animals throughout her life, including an 80lb African spurred tortoise called Goliath. In fact, she loved her tortoise-buddy so much, that she decided to keep him for good. But Andrea didn't know about Goliath's puppy-soothing superpowers...

Goliath the tortoise to the rescue!

The 4 puppies were, understandably, rather stressed out and confused. But, it seems that Goliath had a trick up his sleeve.

She kept finding the puppies curled up in Goliath's hutch. At first, she thought they were getting lost. But time after time, she'd find all 4 puppies huddled up together right next to the tortoise - they'd become the best of friends!

Andrea has had plenty of rescue pups around Goliath in the past, but none of them showed interest in the big, friendly tortoise. These 4, however, have formed a surprisingly strong bond - how adorable!

The rescue puppies love cuddling up to Goliath

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The puppies have really come out their shell

It seems that Goliath has really helped the puppies come out their shell (excuse the pun, we had to...). They're constantly goofing around with Goliath, sharing his food and generally just having a great time together.

We love nothing more than the sheer power of love - regardless of species. Goliath, you're a legend!

We wish the puppies, Andrea and wise ol' Goliath a happy future. We're certain Andrea and her tortoise have given the puppies a fantastic start in life!

Looks cosy!

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