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Loved-up rescue cat couple's kittens born just in time for Valentine's Day

Loved-up cat couple kittens arrive in time for Valentine's Day cat-happy
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Is this the most committed cat Dad of all time? This rescued cat couple are truly loved-up.. and their kittens were born just in time for the most romantic day of the year!

By Alice Lang

Published on the 15/02/2019, 16:13, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

Foster volunteer for the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville, Robyn Anderson (who runs a fantastic blog about her fostering experiences), fostered Charles and Caroline, an adorable, loved-up kitty couple. Caroline was expecting kittens, so they couldn't live in a shelter anymore.

Charles and Caroline are the purrrfect couple

Love & Hisses FacebookSpeaking to Love Meow,  Robyn said that when they arrived, Charles followed Caroline around everywhere, - keeping a watchful eye over her every move. They're a closely bonded pair who groom and cuddle each other - yep, it's true kitty love!

"They were eating off the same plate, occasionally licking each other on the head, and playing together," Robyn said.

"Despite the fact that she's practically half his size, there's no doubt who's got the upper paw in this relationship. He hangs back and lets her eat first, backs off when she tells him to and lets her tell him when it's time to play," 

"I've never had a father be present when I had a pregnant foster cat before, so it's been a wonderful experience so far."

Soon after, it was time for the big day

The day before Valentines Day, Robyn woke up to consistent meowing from her foster room.

"I woke up to the sound of Charles demanding that I open the foster room door and let him out," she said.

After a quick breakfast, Charles and Caroline rushed to the birthing place which Robyn had prepared and the contractions began. Charles stuck right by her side for the entire labour - how adorable!

"He licked her on the head a few times and she would rub her head against him. I think she took a lot of comfort in having him nearby."

Charles is committed cat Dad

Love & Hisses on Facebook

When the 5 tabbies were born, Charles immediately came to check on them and his kitty lover

Now, Caroline is a busy Mother, showering her kitties in love all day long. But, guess what? Charles is putting his fair share of work in, too.

"He checks on her from time to time especially if the kittens start crying," 

We think this is the perfect Valentines Day tale. The pair clearly love each other - it makes our hearts melt! Check out this lovely video of them:



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