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Third time’s a charm for hard-luck rescue pup

Pitbull dog rescued in a car dog-happy
© Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation - Facebook

An odd-eyed Florida dog is back on the path to stability after two heartbreaking failed attempts at human cohabitation.

By G. John Cole , 17 Feb 2019

Brock, a bulldog mix of indeterminate age, was discovered living in a tiny, high-fenced yard full of old junk and dog poo – after eagle-eyed animal rescue mogul Regina Vlasek spotted him in a Facebook photo.

Serial mon-dog-amist

“I don’t know how he ended up in that backyard,” Vlasek – who is president and founder of Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation in Florida - told The Dodo, “but he was there. And there was no food, no water and no shelter.”

“The dog was weak, starving, totally emaciated, could hardly hold his head up. It was very pathetic.”

But worse was yet to come.

When Vlasek traced Brock’s history, she discovered that this was not his first rescue. Like a furry Matt Damon, Brock has repeatedly required the aid of rescue missions over the years: the owner that kept him in that dismal back yard had themselves adopted the bulldog from the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter in 2017.

Desperate to bring the cycle of neglect to an end, Vlasek herself stepped up to foster the cursed canine. Brock has joined five dog siblings in the Vlasek household.

Back to full doggo duties

Thankfully, Vlasek knows the way to a dog’s heart.

“It didn’t take that much for him to heal because all he really needed was food,” she continues. “He was really shy in the beginning, but he came around really quickly. He’s just this big silly dog who thinks he’s a lapdog who just wants to cuddle, and to be next to somebody all the time.

“I have a [human] foster son, and he’s really, really close to him. He sleeps with him, and he’s huge — I call him my big monkey dog.”

It seems that all Brock ever wanted was respectful cohabitation and mutual affection with a family of his own. But Brock’s journey is not yet complete. The big cuddle-pup, who has one blue and one hazel eye, is one dog too many for the Vlaseks – who are looking out for a responsible ‘forever family’ to give young Brock the love he deserves.

Let’s hope it will be fourth time lucky for this adorable meatball.