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Bound by love: stray dogs found tied together get ‘hitched’ in Maine

Two dogs getting married dog-happy
© Kennebec Valley Humane Society - Facebook

Love ain’t easy. And arranging a wedding is a headache. But finding a home to call your own can be the toughest struggle of all – as a pair of married strays from Kennebec Valley, Maine, have found out the hard way.

By G. John Cole , 17 Feb 2019

The good news is that their wedding, at least, was a success. Jack (who appears to be a Staffie mix) and Diane (bitzer) got hitched at the Kennebec Valley Humane Society last week. But that forever home remains elusive.

‘Bound beggars’

Perhaps the most curious aspect of the Jack and Diane story is how they were discovered: wandering a cemetery, tied together by their leads, like Takeshi Kitano’s legendary ‘bound beggars,’ – doomed lovers who wander the world silently, linked by a red rope.

It is not known how Jack and Diane came to be bound this way. The shelter is keen to keep the couple together as, it seems, destiny has written. But there is another problem: their age. Jack appears to be around ten years old, while Diane is the wrong side of seven.

Adopting out two dogs together is tough enough – and most foster parents are looking for, shall we say, a younger model. Hence the wedding: a celebration of love, no doubt, but also a social media masterstroke intended to raise publicity for Jack and Diane’s campaign to find a marital home.

“Some say you can't teach an old dog new tricks,” wrote the shelter on their Facebook Page. “We think that's completely untrue, but either way, unconditional love is a skill these two learned long ago. Will you help them find their forever home...together?”

Fifty bucks the pair

The shelter is asking for just $50 (£39) for the couple – which is a whole lot of love for less than the price of a pair of shoes. Jack and Diane like long naps and would prefer a home without children or other pets. Well, perhaps the next stage, after marriage, is for them to raise children and pets of their own?