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Orpaned kitten gets help from some “furry” friends

Tiny kitten with his teddy bear cat-happy
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An orphaned kitten is on the road to recovery after getting some help from an older cat and a teddy bear!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 17/02/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

The kitten was found in San Diego, USA. Luckily, it was spotted by Hannah Shaw, founder of the Orphan Kitten club

Despite making some big cries for help, this little guy was in a really bad way. He weighed less 170 grammes and was showing the first signs of hyperthermia. 

The kitten was put in an incubator and monitored around the clock.  Thankfully, his condition stabilised, and Hannah began to see some encouraging signs. She told Lovemeow, "(When we got him), his little light was flickering so dimly, nearly ready to go dark. Seeing him shining so brightly after a few days together, I know that this process has been well worth it."

Furry Friends

Hannah named him Rey and then introduced the kitten to an older cat called Haroun:   "He was too small to fit in with the big kids (other foster kittens), so we decided to try him out with Haroun the cat who has a solid track record of mentoring solo kittens," said Hannah. "Rey is obsessed with Haroun's tail and is following him everywhere like a little baby duck!"

While Haroun shows little Rey the ways of the cat world, his other new best friend, a fluffy teddy bear, has become an important companion.

Rey snuggles it, sleeps next to it, and hates it when the two are separated. Like when Teddy had to go for a wash: 

"For hours he was fussy, vocal, and refused the bottle. After trying everything I could to comfort him, I finally had the thought — I wonder if it's because his teddy bear is gone?”

A little “Rey” of sunshine

Rey is also getting plenty of human affection from Hannah and her partner, and it seems to be doing wonders for this little Rey of sunshine. At six weeks old, Rey weighs a much healthier 400 grammes and is getting stronger and more confident by the day. 

According to Hannah:

"He's happy, purring, eating a ton, gaining weight. Now that he feels good, his little personality can finally start to come out, and he's even playing.”


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