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Lonely old cat finds a new home

20 year old grey cat cat-happy
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A cat that nobody wanted has found a new home, and now he’s proving that age is nothing but a number.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 17/02/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

Diesel suddenly found himself stuck in a  shelter after his owners could no longer take care of him. At 20 years old, Diesel was ignored by potential new owners. But Tracie Peddy, a staff member at Kitt Crusaders rescue centre, knew there was someone who would love this senior cat. 

A lonely old cat 

She posted his story on Facebook,  and it wasn't long before she got the response she was hoping for.

Thai Yamamoto, who had previously adopted two other rescue kittens from the shelter,  knew straight away that Diesel was the cat she was looking for. Speaking to Lovemeow, Thai said: 

"I've always wanted a senior cat or one with special needs — I wanted a cat that nobody would adopt. Kittens are easily adopted so I waited for my special cat."

She picked Diesel up the next day. But, although she was happy to meet her new friend, it was clear he needed a bit more than love and affection. Thai said: "When we got there, I could only notice how neglected he must have been."

A local vet gave Diesel a thorough examination. Diesel was then sent for a kitty bath, followed by a quick trim to get rid of all his matted fur. 

Given everything he'd been through, it took Diesel a few days to settle into in his new home. 

"I know it will take some time for him to adjust and feel safe again, but love heals everything," Thai said.

Diesel starts enjoying the golden years

Thankfully,  Diesel is already showing signs of improvement:

"He is super sweet," said Thai. "He follows me everywhere I go and sits on my lap every time I am on the couch! I know this whole situation must have been terrifying and confusing so I keep reassuring him that everything is ok now and that here is his forever home."

It looks like Diesel is starting to enjoy his second lease of life, and long may it continue.


❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️? Yes, we're beside ourselves because DIESEL is on his way to his new home!!!!!! Excessive emoji use...

Posted by Kitt Crusaders on Monday, January 28, 2019

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