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Amazing Kitten Who Lost Use of Back Legs, Now Moves Faster Than Other Cats

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When a tiny kitten fell from a machine on a building site, things didn’t look too promising for the little cat. Now he is an inspiration to other cats and kitties. 

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 16/02/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

A guy in New Jersey was at work on site one day, when he spotted a tiny cat in distress. Just days earlier, the feral parent cat had been noticed in the area with just one kitten. Site workers fed the mother cat so that she would continue to nourish the kitten. On this particular day, however, the kitten fell from the site machinery and the guy knew it was time to intervene, if the kitten was to have a chance of survival.

Tiny kitten was in very poor shape

The small cat was barely breathing. He was very dirty and he could tell that it was a very young cat as the umbilical cord was still there. The kitty was gasping for air and struggling to survive. Dawn Firestone, the site worker’s wife, picked up the kitten and snuggled him, in an effort to keep him alive. She vowed to care for him and give him the best life ever!

Touch and go through the first few days for the kitten

The poorly kitten had to be drip fed but after just a few days, his health improved and he was soon strong enough to crawl. Dawn named the cat “Rocky” as he was obviously a little fighter. However, when he started to walk, he didn’t move along like other cats. The kitten seemed to scoot along, leaving a trail of pee too.

Medical examination isn’t good news for the kitten

Following a visit to a neurologist, the diagnosis wasn’t good news. It seemed the kitten had nerve damage following the fall and had no feeling in the lower half of his body. Rocky however, was soon to prove them wrong, when he gave a little kick with his leg. He certainly wasn’t going to give in without a fight. After lots of research, Dawn and her husband acquired a tiny set of wheels, which allowed the kitten to move around the floor.

Rocky is just the sweetest kitten

It seems that Rocky is also helping out other kitties in need too. His plight and speedy recovery have certainly touched his new owners who have gone on to foster other cats that are in need of care. Rocky seems to have a special affinity with these cats, and he loves to take care of them in his own special feline way. Rocky is definitely an inspiring kitten!


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