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Adorable Dog continues FaceTime conversation After His Owner Falls Asleep

Chihuahua dog playing with Facetime dog-happy
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The Power of Social Media is a wonderful thing. We keep in touch with family and friends using millions of websites, apps and other platforms such as Facetime and Facebook. Now this adorable Dog has signed up too.

By Dawn Parrish , 16 Feb 2019

Leo, the cute Chihuahua dog is well used to his owner, Brookelyn Bilski chatting on Facetime with Sam Stine, her boyfriend. The cute dog normally lies right next to her while she whispers sweet nothings to Sam.

Leo intercepts the Facetime call

Brookelyn has had quite a busy day, and although she loved chatting to her boyfriend, she felt so tired she just had to lay her head down and close her eyes to rest.  Sam could see through the phone video that his girlfriend had drifted off to sleep. What he didn’t expect next though, was for Leo, the adorable dog, to pick up the conversation where Brokkelyn had left off.

The adorable dog certainly isn’t camera shy

The fluffy Chihuahua walked over to the phone, and stared directly into Sam’s face. Sam immediately snapped a screenshot of the dog, apparently having a chat over FaceTime. This well-mannered pooch obviously didn’t want to leave Sam hanging on the other end of the phone. They had a deep and meaningful conversation in dog-speak! Sam shared the cute image of the dog on Twitter, where he received a huge response to the pics of the adorable dog.

Social media accounts are covered in details of cute dogs and other pets. We expect it won’t be long before Leo has his own FaceTime account too, with many people keen to follow his interesting antics