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12 Abandoned Kittens shivering in the Snow were very lucky to be discovered

Kittens in a cage in the snow cat-sad
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One very chilly night in December, luck was on the side of 12 abandoned kittens who were discovered in the deep snow. They really were just moments from freezing to death!

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 16/02/2019, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

That fateful night, Melissa Labryer, who worked in animal control in Campbell County, Virginia, certainly didn’t expect to discover any pets outside, let alone any tiny kittens. She knew that it could be a life or death situation for the 12 abandoned kittens.

An unexpected discovery in the snow

As Melissa passed along the road, she noticed a metal cage sticking out of the freezing snow. As it was such an unusual place for a crate, with no houses nearby, she stopped to investigate. She first spotted several cats inside the cage, but even more worrying were those tiny kittens she noticed outside, lying in the snow. It was clear that the kittens had been abandoned and were at death’s door. She had to move quickly if she had a chance to save any of the kittens. Her first move was to place the kittens into dry containers and she then drove them quickly to the nearest animal shelter. 

An urgent call to help the 12 Abandoned Kittens

The kind-hearted rescuer arrived at the shelter, the Friends of Campbell County Animal Control. An urgent call was put out for any volunteers who could possibly help to treat the 12 abandoned kittens who had been rescued from the freezing snow. The tiny felines were obviously suffering from hypothermia and needed extra special treatment.

Skin-to-skin treatment was the amazing cure

After a quick group chat, the volunteers decided that the best way to warm up the kitties, was to place them next to their own warm skin, inside their shirts. Together with hot water bottles, the kittens soon pulled round and their temperatures soon became more regulated. The kittens were rapidly enjoying the attention and purring as if nothing had happened to them!

New homes for the “Frozen 12” Abandoned kittens

Although several out of the group of kittens have already been offered new homes, four of the tiniest ones that were most exposed to the freezing snow, are still on the road to recovery. They are responding to treatment, they still have quite a way to go before they have a clean bill of health. Let’s hope it won’t be too long before they are also off to their new homes.

Posted by Friends of Campbell County Animal Control on Thursday, December 13, 2018
Posted by Friends of Campbell County Animal Control on Thursday, December 13, 2018
Posted by Friends of Campbell County Animal Control on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Frozen SVEN, 6 to 7 weeks old.

Posted by Friends of Campbell County Animal Control on Friday, December 14, 2018