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Valentine's Day Is For Lovers of Pets of course!

Dog with rose in his mouth dog-happy
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There are many pet owners who would much rather spend Valentine’s Day, this most romantic day of the year, with their furry friend, than with their human partner!

By Dawn Parrish , 14 Feb 2019

For those who hold a special place in their heart for their furry companions, there is a great temptation to spoil them even more on Valentine’s Day. It’s no surprise that there are many pet lovers in the world, but many prefer spending quality time with their pets than with their significant others.

A recent survey proves how much we love our pets

Purina, the pet food manufacturer recently carried out a survey, and the results are quite astounding! Many pet owners, in fact 13%, would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with their pet and to treat them to their favourite food. It appears that our partners have been pushed out into the cold this February 14th!

Dining together - An amazing 20% of humans would organise and spend a romantic Valentine’s theme meal date with their dog or cat

Selfie images – A huge 41% of pet owners will be posting a cutesy Valentine’s photograph of their pet on social media

Show your pet that you really do care

Between all the boxes of chocolates, red roses and paper hearts, don’t forget about your pet who loves you, unconditionally, all year round. Chocolate meant for human consumption obviously isn’t a good idea for a gift for your pet and certainly a bouquet of flowers won’t be appreciated. Here are some exciting suggestions that you can show your pet that you really do love him.

Take a walk in the park – or a jog if that’s what he prefers to do

Spoil him with a special treat – or even make your own version of doggy biscuits

Buy him a new toy – take him to the pet store and let him choose his new plaything

Arrange a play date – invite his pals around or have a meet up at the park

Give him a pampering session – both cats and dogs love to be groomed and brushed, before you take that selfie pic of course.

Love is certainly in the air this Valentine’s Day. Spend some quality time with your best friend.