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Looking for a new pooch? Meet Muffin, who's been in the shelter for FIVE years

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Introducing Muffin, the dog who’s been in a Dog’s Trust shelter for almost five long, lonely years. If you’re looking for a new pet, why not go and meet this adorable pup?

By Alice Lang , 16 Feb 2019

Imagine being a dog who just wants love. Then, imagine being in the shelter for nearly five years and being looked over by every single person who comes in looking for a pet. That’s exactly what Muffin, the adorable shelter dog, has gone through.

The Dog’s Trust is making a Valentine’s Day ‘Muffin’ appeal

The brilliant Dog’s Trust charity think it’s about time Muffin found her forever home - and we couldn’t agree more! With Valentine’s Day coming up, there’s no better time to find Muffin the love she’s been craving for all these years.

Staff at the Loughborough Dog’s Trust shelter have been working around the clock to find Muffin a match, build up her confidence and get her matchmaking profile out there for the world to see.

The Dog’s Trust never put a healthy dog to sleep. They’ll do whatever it takes for Muffin to find a family - no matter how long it takes.

Muffin has been making brilliant progress

Sarah Cochrane, a staff member at Dogs Trust Loughborough, said to The Express: “Before coming to Dogs Trust, Muffin hadn’t had the best start in life.”

“She hadn’t been introduced to people and places as a young dog should be, so understandably she has always found the world a little overwhelming."

“We’ve been spending lots of time teaching her that the world isn’t such a scary place and she has come on in leaps and bounds so we’re really hoping that this Valentine’s Day she will find the loving home she deserves.”

Do you have room for the lovely Muffin?

Around the people she knows and trusts, Muffin is a loving, cuddly, affectionate and loyal pooch. She truly deserves a home - do you have room for her in your family?

“After all the hard work she has put in, we really hope Muffin finally finds her special someone. Like with all good relationships, Muffin would like to take her time to get to know you at first, but she will give any relationship 100 per cent commitment and will be a wonderful companion for life.”

Read more about Muffin here and get in touch with the Dog’s Trust Loughborough if you’d like to meet her - go on, we know you want to!


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