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Dedicated feline surrogate Dad nurses lonely kitten back to health

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A kitten was the only survivor of her litter, but this warm-hearted cat became her surrogate Dad. Now, they’re inseparable!

By Alice Lang

Published on the 16/02/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

Warning: you can’t get much cuter than this!

Fighting for her life, the kitten was born alone

Nova Cat Clinic received a tiny (and we mean tiny) kitten last week who was was in an awful state. She was the only survivor of her litter and had no family whatsoever.

"She came to me on February 5th as they know I specialize in caring for the critical neonate," Ellen Carozza, a Feline Licensed Veterinary Technician at Nova Cat, said to Love Meow.

"After we took her in, our vets examined her, placed her on an antibiotic. She was underweight and needed to be tube fed."

Naturally, the adorable kitten, which they named Adora Belle, craved warmth and a Mother’s heartbeat. Shelter staff knew she needed something more. She needed a parent.

Benny was the man for the job

Ellen’s cat, Benny, has often acted as a surrogate Father to small kittens - but would he be able to help Adora Belle? Of course he would!

"When I came home, he saw me approaching our home incubator with the kitten travel bag and immediately sat up and knew I had a baby for him," Ellen said. "We gave Adora a bath first and then allowed Benny to dote on her, which he did immediately."

Although the kitten has to sleep in an incubator to stay warm, Benny sleeps right next to it and keeps an eye on her all night.

"Benny has to help her be fed under his watchful eye and loves to groom her."

The kitten is getting stronger day by day

Thanks to Ellen, the Nova Cat Clinic and, of course, Benny, Adora Belle is growing fit, healthy and strong. Impressively, her weight has double within just a week.

We wish Adora Belle all the best in her recovery. And, to Benny - you’re an absolute hero! Watch the pair cuddle up together below. Make sure to follow Ellen’s Instagram to keep up-to-date on Adora Belle’s recovery!


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