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Shelter dog becomes movie star in his search for a forever home

Dog playing bachelor game dog-happy
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No matter how much you love The Bachelor, you’ve got to admit that there’s one thing missing: a canine contestant! Well, just wait until you see this shelter’s amazing spoof...

By Alice Lang , 14 Feb 2019

An adorable pit bull named Dude (and yes, he really is a dude!) from the Front Street Animal Shelter in California has become the new star of The Bachelor. Well, kind of - it’s actually the shelter’s very own hilarious spoof, and guess what it’s called? The Adopter! 

Shelter staff wanted to help Dude find a loving home

Staff and volunteers at the shelter knew just how adorable Dude was and knew they had to help him find a loving forever home. And we love how creative they got with this one!

They got the cameras out, wrote some scripts and starting producing The Adopter. Their spoof starred the one and only Dude and several lovely women who were ‘in the running’ to adopt him.  But in the spoof, Dude is a real heartbreaker. When one of the beautiful contestants throws a ball at him, he doesn’t even bring it back. In another, things get to intense in the fight to adopt Dude, that the women end up fighting. What a lad you are, Dude! Take a look at the fantastic spoof for yourself:

But Dude is still looking for a forever home

The Adopter has been a hit online and is gathering thousands upon thousands of views. But, guess what? The adorable Dude, who loves cuddles, long walks, and affection, is still looking for a family. “He has been with us since November, so we were hoping the video could help him find love in real life,” shelter staff said to The Dodo about Dude. “Unfortunately, he still hasn't been adopted!

Dude is all the way over in the USA, but you can help him out by liking and sharing the video online - let’s help Dude go viral!

The Adopter

You won’t believe the drama in this shocking new season of The Adopter. Countless animals need an adopter. Find your true love at your local shelter <3 The Bachelor Petco Foundation

Posted by Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento on Saturday, January 19, 2019