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This little girl's favourite cat toy was injured but this vet had the purrfect treatment plan!

Little girl with poorly cat toy cat-happy
© Pioneer Veterinary Clinic - Facebook

A young girl with special needs was worried when she noticed a scratch on her favourite cat toy’s foot. But this vet clinic had the purrfect treatment plan...

By Alice Lang

Published on the 15/02/2019, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

We all had that one toy as a child that we loved to bits, cuddled every night, took on family trips, and truly believed was real. Well, that’s the essence of this magical story - trust us, this one is sure to put a smile on your face!

Jazmine’s cat toy had a serious injury

Jazmine, a 6-year-old girl with special needs, noticed a scratch on her favourite toy’s foot. She loves cats, but can’t have one due to allergies. Instead, a soft, fluffy cat toy named Donnie goes everywhere with Jazmine - in fact, they’re best friends. 

Jazmine was full of worry about her little feline friend and knew she had to do everything she could to help him get better. Her Mum, Susie, decided to call up Pioneer Veterinary Clinic and make an urgent appointment.

"Her mother called us and scheduled an appointment for her to be seen by Dr. Maier," Pioneer Veterinary Clinic on a Facebook post.

The vet clinic carried out a full examination

Jazmine and her Mum arrived at the reception and got checked in. While they were waiting, the vet’s assistant, Callee, went over and asked for a thorough history of Donnie. This would ensure the team would treat the wound appropriately. Of course, Jazmine was only too happy to share everything she knew about her best pal!
Then, they were called in to start the examination. Pioneer Veterinary Clinic shared the appointment plan on Facebook

“?Patient information: "Donnie" female, seal point, domestic shorthair cat

?Presenting Complaint: Scratch on right front foot

?Physical Exam: Heart and lungs sounded normal, a small laceration on right front foot

☑️Treatment Plan: Place bandage on the right front foot, keep on for a few days

?At Home Care: Give her extra love and cuddles until she is all better”

And it looks like Donnie will make a full recovery

Dr. Maier told Jazmine that Donnie should make a full recovery. Jazmine’s face immediately lit up with relief and a beaming smile - her feline best buddy is going to be fine, after all!

After a quick thank you and a handshake, Jazmine and her Mum took Donnie home to start the recovery process. We’re sure Jazmine won’t forget the ‘extra love and cuddles’!

We’d like to say a massive thank you to the Pioneer Veterinary Clinic - what an incredible group of people! We’re sure this is an experience that Jazmine (and Donnie, of course!) will never forget.