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Double-kitten bonus for Brooklyn shelter volunteer

Two kittens in a box cat-happy
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A Brooklyn cat shelter volunteer has become an unexpected foster parent of two after the mother of two local kittens abandoned her offspring in the cold.

By G. John Cole

Published on the 14/02/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

Jess Thoren of Animal Care Centers, New York City, christened the four-week old kittens Winnie (for Winter) and Chill – and they’re finally warming up to their new lives in a human home.

Left for dead

The kittens were first spotted by a Brooklyn resident, abandoned outside a local school.

She had originally noticed the family unit – cat mother and four kittens – hanging around together, perhaps hoping to register for a place in class. But later that day, when she returned, the mother and two kittens were gone. This left just Winnie and Chill to fight the freezing Brooklyn weather, a battle they would undoubtedly have lost.

Upon receiving the kittens at Animal Care, volunteer Thoren fostered the juveniles with just a moment’s consideration.

Winnie hopped right out of the box. Chill was a little more reserved and shy," Thoren told Love Meow.

Perhaps further bonded by their shared experiences, the two cats have become inseparable:

“I always find them sleeping in the bed curled up next to each other," continues Thoren. “She will annoy him nonstop, nibbling his ears, bunny kicking him until he wakes up and plays with her."

From beds of everlasting snow

Of course, you never know quite what you’re going to get when you adopt a cat. Winnie and Chill have turned out to have very different personalities – and Thoren will need to adapt her life to these little monsters as they outgrow their initial cuteness and enter full cathood.

“Winnie would meow all the time for attention and Chill would just be so chill, hanging out in his playpen,” Thoren notes. Today, they sleep in a foster room full of toys and even a bed. Big sister Winnie continues to look out for her brother Chill, mewing to demand food in the morning and generally making her presence known.

It’s all turned out well for these critters who rose from the morning frost, even if we may never know what became of their original family.


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