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Total Ban on eating Dog and Cat meat in the UK planned for BREXIT BILL

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Dogs and Cats in the UK are kept by most people as pets, for their companionship and loyalty. However, a new BREXIT BILL will soon outlaw the cruel practice of eating these animals, when a UK dog and cat meat BAN is passed.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 12/02/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

There is an enormous public outcry to put an end to these disgusting practices that are still carried out in some other worldwide countries. In China alone, around 4 million cats and 10 million dogs are butchered each year in this horrific meat trade. Across the whole of Asia, more than 30 million dogs are consumed, where the meat is thought to be a health tonic and a delicacy. 

UK MPs plan to ban this repulsive dog meat industry

Tory Backbenchers have proposed a change to the Brexit Agriculture Bill that follows a recent amendment in the US where this practice is now illegal. Current laws in the UK state that although you cannot sell or buy the meat from a dog, if you own and humanely kill a dog, you are able to eat this meat. One MP who is totally behind this UK dog meat ban is Dr Lisa Cameron. She believes that the British public will back any change to legislation and amendment to the Brexit Bill. 15 Tory MPs have put forward proposals to change this law which means that any person caught engaging in the practice of eating dog or cat meat would face strict justice and possible imprisonment. 

The appalling practice of eating dog meat must be banned

In countries, such as India, Vietnam, South Korea and China where this slaughter is happening, traditions and culture should not be an excuse for cruelty.  Many of the methods used to slaughter the dogs and cats often prolong and increase the animals’ suffering. This torture is often deliberate as it’s understood it intensifies the taste of the meat. Hash, cruel killing methods are implemented where the animals suffer a violent, lingering death. They are thrown into drums of boiling water whilst still alive, electrocuted, hung, battered over the head or stabbed. 

We need this change to the Brexit Agriculture Bill to be passed in the UK

There is no doubt that animal welfare in the UK is maintained to the highest standards. A total ban on eating dog and cat meat will bring the UK up to the same standards and laws alongside other countries, such as Austria, Germany and the US, where the ban is already in place. It is simply not acceptable to eat the meat of our companion pets.