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Young family invite mysterious stray kitten into their home

White kitten cat-wow
© Love Meow - Youtube

A stranger has wormed her way into a family’s life and home after being caught stealing from their beloved pet dog.

By G. John Cole

Published on the 12/02/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

The intruder – a stray, female kitten who the family have named Billy – first arrived with three feline siblings and began drinking the rescue dog’s water. She later returned alone to beg for food. Her accomplices have mysteriously disappeared.

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Homeowner Ariel Heath was leading a quiet, unremarkable life with her family and dog when the kitten gang first appeared at the dog’s water bowl.

“They heard us and ran back off the property behind our fence and into some brush,” Heath told Love Meow. She naively began to leave food outside, which would disappear quickly despite the cat or cats remaining unseen.

Then Billy returned. And the dance began.

“She was still quite skittish,” continues Heath, “and ran back if you moved too quickly.”

Heath continued to leave food out for the stray, apparently drawn in by the kitten’s coquettish act: “I would meow and she would come slowly, sneaking under the fence to eat. She was alone now, and her siblings were nowhere to be seen. After awhile she would come in my yard and eat the food near me as long as I was still. It was a long process as she was pretty wild.”

Single White Female

Eventually, Billy began to peer in the window and watch the family as they conducted their everyday lives. When Heath noticed, she invited the cat into the home, where she was treated like a member of the family:

“I took her to the vet. She was a very healthy girl for being outdoors her whole life. We got her spayed, vaccinated and de-wormed so she wouldn't be repeating the cycle around the neighbourhood.”

The cat would be waiting at the door when Heath’s son returned from school each day. She even seduced the dog.

"[T]he two of them began having cuddle sessions of their own," Heath says.

The cat is now fully-grown and is not about to leave the convenient nest that she has found. In a chilling twist to the tale, Billy’s hosts now wait on the outsider paw and foot; she has them wrapped around her little claw.

“She came right to our backdoor, demanding more chicken,” concludes Heath. “She's an inside spoiled girl now.”