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Adorable Street Cat becomes a fixture at the station, greeting commuters

Stray cat in the metro cat-wow
© Dan Kashani - Facebook

This cute street cat has become the unofficial pet at the station in Tel Aviv, where she meets the travellers at the ticket barrier. 

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 10/02/2019, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

Of course not every commuter loves cats, but who can deny a friendly smile at this street cat who has adopted the Petah Tikva city station in Israel, as her residence. Locals have named the street cat Shwarma! Many travellers see her every day and often try to make friends with her. Of course, even though she is happy to let everyone pass by, she’s not too happy when they reach out to touch her.

The street cat makes an appearance every day

One commuter, Dan Kashani, who regularly uses the station on his journey to and from work, decided to make a video of Shwarma, the street cat. He spotted the cat lying on the turnstile that the passengers pass through. It appears that the cat was quite content to sit quietly and watch the many people going through the gate, swiping their travel tickets. Dan posted his video of the kitty on social media, and it turns out that Shwarma is now a celebrity cat. An international celebrity kitty

Not only did Dan Kashani receive more than 1200 friend requests on social media after posting the cute video, but the local mayor also got in touch with him. He called Dan and said, 'I want to meet that cat — what station is it?'" Kashani said. "I told him and he actually went there and met the cat."

Of course the mayor’s visit to the Tel Aviv station was captured on video. The Mayor gave the street cat treats, food and a toy. He also managed to pet her, which was quite unusual, as Swharma is generally quite choosy with who she allows to stroke and befriend her. No doubt she will be spotted for many years to come, greeting many thousands of commuters as they pass her by.


זה חתול ולכן אני מצפה שהסרטון הזה יהיה ויראלי

Posted by Dan Kashani on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

~~תפנית בעלילה!~~ ראש עיריית פתח תקווה רמי גרינברג - בא לחלוק כבוד, ליטוף וצעצועים עם החתולה ששמה את פתח תקווה על המפה העולמית! איזה מלך!!!! נ.ב לא הצבעתי לו - אבל אין ספק שאני מצביע לו בפעם הבאה** **אלא אם החתולה עצמה תחליט להתמודד לראשות העיר ואז מודה שתהיה לי דילמה לבחור.

Posted by Dan Kashani on Monday, February 4, 2019