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This stray cat turned up with a few extra suprises

Pregnant white cat cat-happy
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A cat lover from Phoneix, Arizona, ended up with more than she bargained for, after a stray showed up in her back garden. 

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 10/02/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:52

The stray was a common sight in the local area but usually stayed well clear of the human residents.

But the normally shy cat became receptive to human contact after returning to the same back garden. Luckily, it belonged to Kara Yancey, a volunteer with a local cat rescue program. Speaking to  Lovemeow, Kara said, "Over the next few weeks, she'd meow at us and allow us to get closer to her. I started noticing she'd eat ravenously, but assumed it was because she was a stray and was just hungry.”

Surprising news

As Kara got closer to the mystery cat, it became pretty obvious why it was eating so much: "I could tell then that she was pregnant. Turns out, she had been pregnant the entire time we had known her," Kara said.

Kara contacted the Living the Dream rescue and adoption service, and staff began working on finding a foster home for mum and the kittens. In the meantime, she made herself right at home: "She would come out into the living room and socialize, let us pet her, and even used our cat condo and scratching post. After adjusting to being an indoor cat, she became the sweetest girl and seemed so relieved to be inside. She spent a lot of time resting, eating, and preparing for her babies.”

"Millie" has now given birth to five healthy kittens; mum and the new arrivals are all doing well:

"The kittens are all doing great, and once they're weaned and old enough, we'll have them (kittens and mom) fixed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and adopted out through the rescue."

Millie made the purr-fect friend

It seems like Millie picked the perfect person to help her!

It's estimated that there are 1.5miilion stray or feral cats in the UK. Given this huge number, animal rescue services struggle to respond to all reports. However, if you have any concerns over a cats health or wellbeing, you should contact the local council or the RSPCA.


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